Staging & Redesign

Ready for changes to your home, just tired of the same old look “, want to simplify, downsize or selling your home ?

Selling your home – Staging

When it comes to selling your home, many homeowners need professional help to create an irresistible and marketable home.

What to consider:

  • Realistically look at the condition of your home. 

  • Compare it to  others in the same price range/category.

  • Plan on renovations/repairs and only do the essentials.

  •  Dress your home for success.

A professional gives advice by looking at your home as a product for sale while you are still emotionally attached and look at your house as a home. Your home reflects your lifestyle, personality and needs. To disassociate yourself is a crucial part of the process of transforming your home to a “ house on the market “.

De-personalizing, conquering clutter, organizing, taking care of minor repairs, curb appeal  and getting your home to sparkle are the first steps.

Once the home no longer reflects your lifestyle, preference or a particular “ theme “ – you have neutralized your home, potential buyers will now be able to imagine themselves living in your house.

The staging process will make your house look bigger, brighter, neutral to all tastes – it will create a mood, bring meaning to and showcase each room, creating a flow throughout your house. Reducing  and rearranging  furniture and accessories , adding small details will allow each room to be inviting and show itself.

Your home will be welcoming and fresh and stand out among the competition .


We can help you getting that fresh, new home feeling by pulling rooms together using existing furnishings and accessories. We'll find a place for everything and everything in its place, a meaning to every room, organize , de-clutter, maximize space, improve traffic flow and functionality.

We work with items you already have , limit new purchases and suggest or implement storage and organizing systems.

No matter if your entire home or just rooms need a makeover we edit each room to create harmony , accessories and furnishings complement each other, reflecting your personality, lifestyle and vision.

We offer consulting and in detail reports, for the do – it yourself person, or full planning and completing the entire process.