Are you feeling overwhelmed by the task of organizing your home?  Does it feel like your home is overstuffed, disorganized, and you spend too much time searching for  items you need, can’t see the clothes in your closet ?

Make your home beautiful and functional. Lose piles of stuff, find a place for everything and everything in it’s place.

Are you ready for the commitment to your home, because no “ crash “ approach will work? During the process of de- cluttering and organizing,  you will establish systems, routines and habits which will help you to maintain an organized home, working for you and your lifestyle.

How does it work :

We will meet with you for a one hour free consultation, we assess one room or all areas of your home, talk about your lifestyle and your goals, this process is very unique for each family and home, no one system fits all.

 Establish a plan, each room needs a meaning and each space of your home should be functional so you get a sense of order and can run your household smoothly. A plan for each room which clearly outlines task – tools needed – and a scheduled time

 We establish timelines for each task to be completed , a work scope what works with your schedule

  We work with already existing furnishing and storage

 Suggestions to additional furnishings and storage systems if needed

  Provide resources and samples for storage systems

Established systems will be revisited while working on new systems, “ tweaked” again till it fits for you and your family.

 We organize entire homes / rooms / kitchens / closets / storage areas/ garages


Simple changes will save you hours in the day, reduce stress and give you  time to spend on more important things.