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I heartily recommend Sabine’s Lifestyle for the cleaning and care of your home.

They have been coming to our house almost every week since we completed a major remodel 6 years ago, and have helped maintain the pristine quality of freshly painted walls, refinished floors, updated kitchen and bathroom fixtures and cabinets, as well as of the new rugs, window coverings and furniture. Whenever I leave notes of special chores I know that I will return to their being done spot-on, even if it means unexpected attention and extra time for that week. When I need to adjust the schedule because of travel or house guests, Sabine is immediately responsive in meeting my requests.

But as pleasant as it is to return to our very refreshed home after their weekly cleaning visit, I am even more grateful for the care and attention they give our pets.  (I recognize how good it is by how excited my dog is to see them each week, which was not the case with cleaners I had in the past! Sabine's crew love him even though they greet his errant fur on every surface through-out our home.) 

I truly appreciate being able to trust Sabine’s crew with our house, with its possessions and with our cherished dog and cat.  

Ann – Bainbridge Island, October 2010