Cleaning House Bremerton

Have you read numerous books “ how to keep your house cleaned and maintained “.  Have you bought every gadget offered trying to make your house chores easier and faster? Do you have cleaning supplies all over your home, spending way too much money on supplies and tools? Do you need more ideas about how to clean after installing new appliances, hard surfaces or flooring and what product to use?

Housecleaning, just as cooking , gardening or sewing might not be your forte, although you enjoy a clean and organized home. You  just can’t seem to get there and find yourself cleaning all weekend and not enjoying what little leisure time you have.

Sure our parents have shown us to clean a home but installations, home sizes and our lifestyles have changed. 

Solution - Sabine's Lifestyle now offers :

On site individual consulting

        We visit with you listen to your goals, take in consideration your lifestyle, family activities

         We streamline your cleaning products and tools

         We set up daily / weekly and monthly routines

        Break down all cleaning task for you to manage in your time available to complete such task

        We will show you step by step to clean a kitchen / bathroom / floors and dust in an efficient way so you don’t spend hours cleaning your home.