House Cleaning Bainbridge Island
House Cleaning Services Bainbridge Island, North Kitsap & South Kitsap

We deliver superior quality housekeeper and maid services. Our associates are honest and reliable. Our friendly and trustworthy staff is trained to notice even the smallest details.

Sabine’s is a dynamic cleaning company specializing in all aspects of cleaning, whether it is for pre-sale – presentations, one – time cleanings or cleanings on a regular basis.

Our extensive experience in detailed cleaning affords us a clear insight into your needs, enabling us to continuously deliver thorough service. We understand that every customer, every home or office is unique, therefore, we will customize each cleaning contract to suit your needs, lifestyle and budget.

We will ensure your satisfaction by listening to your individual needs and implementing them in our house cleaning program, we meet with you and conduct our walk-through and provide you with individual pricing.

Services available Weekly/bi-weekly/monthly or as needed

NEW! Personal Assistant Service

At Sabine’s Lifestyle, we speak with people every day who are overwhelmed with managing their everyday lives with a myriad of to-do-lists, errands, laundry, keeping the house and appointments organized. Recognizing that each family / household has their own priorities and some prefer a team of people to get the biggest chores taken care of on a regular basis, others need more assistance so that their home functions well and with a pleasant atmosphere. Sabine’s now offers time and lifestyle management solutions to busy families by providing “individual “service. You can rely on one of our seasoned professionals to spend their day intent on making your life flow with ease.

Commercial Janitorial Cleaning Bainbridge Island, North Kitsap & South Kitsap

Keeping your business interior and exterior looking sharp is essential for your business success. Customers will notice an inviting curb appeal and a well kept interior appearance. Your employees will appreciate a healthy clean and sanitized work environment.

Maintenance/Cleaning contracts available for your business.

What our Commercial Clients are saying:

The Anglican Church of St. Charles, November 2010

"We have enjoyed a business relationship with Sabine's Lifestyle since February, 2008. In January of 2008, we were left suddenly without the independent contractor we'd been working with due to a back injury that she suffered on another job.  I saw Sabine's team n the early morning as they were beginning their cleaning services at a bank located across the street. I made inquiry about their services and asked if someone could call me to discuss our needs. Sabine called promptly and after a walk through, both parties agreed we should try it.

This decision was a little unsettling for us financially because we were used to paying just on person to do the cleaning and now were looking a paying a team of people. With an already tight budget, we were concerned about incurring additional custodial costs. Much to our delight, we found that having a team actually saved time and money because the team works more quickly and efficiently than an individual.

Sabine's wonderful team is very conscientious and respectful in addition to being thorough yet fast in their tasks. Sabine worked side-by-side with them until they had discovered the best "plan of attack" for cleaning our sanctuary, fellowship hall,. kitchen, offices and Sunday school rooms. The few times we have found it necessary to ask for something to be changed, they have found a way and complied with our request immediately.

Earlier this year we had a very unfortunate incident when the sump pump in our septic tank stopped working. This presented a stinky, filthy, hazardous mess in our bathrooms.  I immediately call Sabine's team for help and they came to our rescue, This was a very unpleasant job that they volunteered to do after completing their regular shift for that day.

Needless to say, Sabine and her team get our seal of approval. We'll go even further and suggest that you would be fortunate to have them on board. Please don't hesitate to contact me if you have questions or require additional information.

Sincerely,  Joan T. Coleman Parish Administrator

The Anglican Church of St. Charles. 360-779-3524